Precision viticulture services for optimal management of your wine farm.

Increase the sustainability of your production with a powerful, intuitive tool for optimizing your viticultural practices.



Fine management of your parcel thanks to a complete tool

In a single tool, Chouette helps you keep an eye on your vineyard as a whole and implement actions relating to all visible measures coupled with your field observations:

Modulation of input doses

To manage treatments and fertilisation down to the last foot (savings of up to 40%).

Organization of planting

Locate and replace missing or unproductive vines.

Leaf growth monitoring

Monitor ripeness, yield and growth anomalies.

Identifying yield losses

Deficiencies, diseases, pests… you are informed of yield losses on each plant.


We collect high-precision pictures using drones and on-board sensors.
For an exhaustive and precise knowledge of the state of health of your parcels.
our technology


We analyze data in real time thanks to artificial intelligence and agronomic knowledge.
Diseases, deficiencies, stress: the causes of yield losses are identified with great precision.
our technology


We recommend concrete actions to be taken in your vineyard based on these analyses.
Optimizing your technical itinerary allows you to reduce the use of your inputs by up to 40%.
our technology

Precision control over 100% of the parcel

Millimeter-accurate pictures taken over the entire vineyard, where you can only see part of it.

Artificial intelligence and proven agronomic expertise

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A leader in the field of precision viticulture since 2015, Chouette has the largest database of viticultural images in Europe, enabling it to provide analyses with a very low margin of error. The skills of agronomists and data-scientists are continuously deployed to develop and refine new services.



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